My story

I couldn't be more excited to have you here. To help you understand what brought me here and why I am doing what I am doing, I want to give you a little glimpse into my own experience. A big focus for me in life has always been to simply be live a wonderful, full, unforgettable life. To do this, I always have been driven to learn how to "feel" the best. Part of feeling your best is by nourishing your body. I have been a health and wellness fanatic for as long as I can remember, early on understanding that nutrition and wellness play a huge role in your happiness. Knowing this, I subconsciously made it my ongoing mission to find out how nutrition and wellness can give me the life of my dreams. With this, my journey started and I haven't looked back yet.

If you have stumbled upon my page, you are probably looking for this same answer that I have looked for. This may have brought you down a road of dieting and restriction. You may be feeling frustrated with your body or your health. You may be confused with the vast amounts of nutrition and wellness information at your fingertips. You may feel like you are in a never ending cycle of dieting, and now are ready to make peace with food and heal your relationship with your body. No matter where you are on your unique journey, if you are looking to become the healthiest and absolute happiest version of yourself mentally, emotional, physically, and all of the above, you came to the right place. (AH! Insert me cheering here!)

I get it, and I can help. 

I was where you are right now and I know how you feel.  Being such a health and wellness nut, taking on the huge task of understanding the ins and outs of nutrition, I have found that my quest has been both a curse as well as a blessing in disguise. In addition to my education in nutrition and dietetics, I also have been on own health journey for over ten years. With the mission and drive to find out how to be the healthiest version of myself, I have researched and experimented with all things health. I have tried all the diets, practiced restriction, experienced disordered eating tendencies, felt confused over and over again navigated through the complicated and contradicting world of nutrition, followed nutrition “experts” blindly taking in false advice, experienced frustrations with weight fluctuation, hired my own wellness coach where I learned what a good and bad coach looks like, experienced issues with trusting my own ability to understand what the heck to eat or how to exercise, forgotten the joy of eating, experienced feeling uncomfortable in my own body, struggled with balance and body image, overcome health issues, and so much more.

It seemed hopeless. The quest and obsession over health started taking over my happiness- my main reason to be healthy in the first place. I was beginning to think I would always be in this cycle, taking up my time and energy battling my weight and foods, searching for the answers. Honestly, it took a lot away from my life. Even with my love of health, at points along my journey I wanted nothing to do with it. I wondered how I would be able to continue my passion but find freedom as well. How would I be able to have my cake and eat it too? How would I be able both feel super healthy but also be free of this control?

I found the answer, an answer that I had all along. What I learned changed my health and my life. What I learned is giving me the opportunity to help others find the same freedom, health, and happiness. The answer all along wasn't in this beautifully packaged formula or perfectly assembled meal plan. It was quite simple. My own personal journey and the freedom I found will help me help you and THIS is the blessing in disguise.

My own personal journey and the freedom I found will help me help you and THIS is the blessing in disguise.
— Jamie Magdic, RDN