Can’t accept your body? That’s okay. Start with Body Appreciation.

Going from body hate to body acceptance is tough.

It can seem near impossible.

So where do we start if these concepts feel so far out of reach and accepting our body feels so far away?

Start by practicing body gratitude.

When hope feels a bit lost, we can start by working toward body appreciation. And nope, this ain’t easy either. Gratitude is a skill and acquiring a new skill will feel foreign and uncomfortable in the beginning…however, a gratitude practice is a solid start that can trigger continued growth in the body acceptance arena. With practice, over time, the skill will become stronger and body gratitude won’t continue to be so tough and uncomfortable.

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Sports Nutrition- Are you adequately fueling your activity?

If you do any type of quick search of the term “sports nutrition”, you’ll probably find:

1) Someone talking about cutting macros.

2) Protein powder.

3) Gym selfies with said protein powder in hand while talking about cutting macros.

When I think of sports nutrition, I think of something totally different… I think of rejuvenation. I think of recovery. I think of building the body back up after it so graciously did some productive work for you. Before we dive in further, let’s reflect on what sports nutrition actually is.

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Your Recovery Inspiration Series: A Recovery Warrior Story

This is my recovery journey. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t easy, but it was one-hundred percent worth it. There were days when I just wanted to quit and there were days when I actually did. But the difference between recovering and not is making the conscious decision to listen to your true, authentic self or to your eating disorder, and this decision means everything. Trigger warning for anyone who is triggered by reading about other people’s eating disorder behaviors.

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Neuroplasticity and How Rewiring is Important to Recovery

One of the toughest parts of recovery is the process of changing those strong automatic eating disorder thoughts…those thoughts that can keep us stuck and that make eating disorder recovery so hard. How can you change these thoughts that feel almost unchangeable? Is it even possible?

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6 Tips to Create a Better Fitting Room Experience

We can choose to show our bodies kindness one little step at a time. One of the ways in which we can treat our bodies with respect is by choosing clothes that fit comfortably… and learning to understand that we don’t need our bodies to fit the clothes, we need to find clothes that fit our bodies.

Now, with that being said, we know that this is much easier said than done. Getting in that fitting room can be very difficult for many of us…BUT it doesn't have to be. With practice, we can turn that fitting room experience into a more pleasant one, or at least a more neutral one. (baby steps)

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Weight Fluctuation and Why you Need to Stop Weighing Yourself- A Self-Experiment

"Wow, I lost two pounds this week!"

"Oh boy, I gained 7 pounds this week!"

Putting meaning and getting caught up in these numbers above IS A PROBLEM. Why? Because weight fluctuates regardless of whether you like it or not.

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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 9

So this may seem like a strange challenge right off the bat. How do hobbies help us become more self-compassionate? Well, let's think about this for a minute. When do you feel really good being you? When do you feel really free and happy? When do you feel genuinely good about yourself? The answer is....when you are doing what you love!

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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 8

Guilt, mistakes, shame, the past...these things are H-E-A-V-Y! If you lug all these things around you get to your destination a lot slower, that is if you can even make it as you have to carry this heavy load. You also enjoy the journey a lot less with the heavy load. A big way to show ourselves more self compassion is to forgive ourselves and to let go.

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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 7

When I think about how I was able to bring more self-compassion into my life, one thing really sticks out- how I treated others. Now, I have always been a compassionate person and loved very deeply. However, I am not taking about simply loving and feeling compassion. I am talking about living out that compassion with the hard things- practicing those hard things like letting go if someone hurts you, forgiving someone when you rather be stubborn, putting others first, etc. These are things that can be very difficult to do when it comes to loving someone else.

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Self-Compassion Challenge-Day6

Making assumptions and judgements about ourselves is a very easy think to do. In so many situations, it is so easy to fail to simply observe and remain curious. It is so easy to connect the dots that aren't there or fill in the blanks with out interpretations. Think about it. How many times have you taken a situation and twisted it into your own interpretation,  meanwhile making assumptions and judgements?  

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Intuitive Eating Myth #7: Intuitive Eating Means Letting Yourself Go

To me, this is a sad one. I believe that it says a lot about our world and the pressures we put on ourselves- this need to control uncontrollable areas of life. This need for control is unhealthy and unnecessary.

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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 5

Taking care of the caregiver is an important daily practice. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we can not take care of others, it is harder to enjoy ourselves, we aren’t able to give the same enthusiasm to our passions and daily activities, we lose direction, and so much more. Give yourself permission to meet your own needs, recognizing that this will not only enhance your quality of life. 

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Self-Compassion Challenge Day 4

So, I am sure you have heard of a gratitude or appreciation journal, yeah? It is a journal in which you write about all of which you are grateful for! But have you heard of a self-appreciation journal? Today's challenge is to start (and continue) a self-appreciation journal of your own.

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Self-Compassion Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 is all about thinking about surrounding yourselves with that of which encourages and supports self-compassion. You know the saying you are who you hang around with? Well, this saying has a lot of truth. You are, in a sense, all of what you surround yourself with! Therefore, if we are working on creating more self-compassion for ourselves, we must consider what it is that we surround ourselves with that both bring us down and lift us up. What is it in your life that is fostering and encouraging self-compassion and what is it that is hurting your self-compassion?

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Self-Compassion Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Self-Compassion Challenge. Day 2 challenges you to explore your self-talk. Self-talk is your inner voice, the one that provides a continuous monologue. It influences how we perceive ourselves and ultimately the world around us. When we foster negative self-talk by  telling ourselves things like “you are a failure,” and "you can’t do this,” these thoughts can become powerful and ultimately very harmful. Luckily, we can change this and create better self-talk for ourselves. To help, I put together the activity below for you to try at home. Through these steps, we can work on challenging that negative self-talk because girl, you deserve so much more!

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Intuitive Eating Myth #6: Intuitive Eating Means No Structure

Compared to rigid dieting, yeah, I guess you can say that intuitive eating looks like there is no structure to it at all! With all of rules, guidelines, meal plans, to-do lists, and responsibilities that come with dieting, when we are told me can have food freedom, intuitive eating looks like a free-for-all! Sad, but true.

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Self-Compassion Challenge: Day 1

Both what motivates us to be healthier and what makes up the foundation on which our health is built matters! True health can only be achieved with the right foundation, driven by the right motives. So, where should these motives come from? What should the foundation of health be built on? You guessed it....SELF-COMPASSION!

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Can you both move intuitively and crank out a badass workout?

I personally love high intensity interval training on occasion because I like that feeling of doing hard exercises and building up that strength to continue to hike and beat up my fiancé when we wrestle (although he would say that he wins…but that is a lie).  However, when I talk about intuitive movement and then talk about sweaty exercise sessions that leave me exhausted, some followers get confused. Can we have both?

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Why We Choose to be Intuitive Eating Dietitians

When people see dietitians who eat all foods, they get a bit confused. Why would nutrition experts choose to include oreos and pizza in their diet? Well, us non-diet RDs hear you and we totally get the confusion. Us non-diet RDs have plenty of very good reasons as to why we practice the way we do. And let me tell ya, at one point, we were all baffled by the idea of “food freedom” ourselves.  We didn't start our journeys praising Intuitive Eating (IE). 

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