Self-Care/Whole-Self Health Practices

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I believe that food can be a very powerful tool when it comes to living a healthy life. However, nutrition is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. The actions and conditions of the mind, body, and spirit are strongly inter-dependent. When one of these parts suffers, the others suffer as well. I believe negative health symptoms do not arise suddenly or from one source, but rather that our bodies leave a state of balance to a state of imbalance due to a multitude of factors and life-style changes related to food, exercise, toxins, stress, and more. The key to living a healthy life is not as simple as focusing on one factor. By understanding the whole person with unique needs, optimal health and happiness can be achieved.

Holistic Health is an all encompassing approach to health. It is the harmony and balance of all aspects of health coming together, emphasizing the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

True health considers the person as a whole as well as the person as an individual, with individual needs. Holistic health addresses all aspects of life as an integrated whole, with the goal to achieve maximum well-being, with everything functioning the very best that is possible.

Holistic Health Practices to Start Today!

Physical Health:

Stop eating for weight loss (give up the rules and learn to listen to your mind and body),  Regular medical Care, Find joyful ways to move, Sexual Life, Getting enough sleep, Taking vacations or time off, Massages, Bubble baths, Ask for nurture, Take a walk, Turning off your cell phone, Getting in some “me” time, Listen to your very wise body

Psychological Health:

Self-Reflection, Therapy, Celebrate everyday successes, Journal, Self-Awareness, Aromatherapy, Drawing, Painting, Being creative, Relaxation, Stop criticizing yourself, Read a self-help book, Join support groups, Think about your positive qualities, Positive Self-Talk, Practice asking and receiving help, Practice gratitude and actively appreciate your life

Emotional Health:

Affirmation, Self-love, Self-compassion, Cry, Laugh, Say “I love you”, Watch a funny movie, Find a hobby, Flirt, Buy yourself a present, Cuddle with your pet, Tell yourself you are gorgeous, Practice forgiveness,Honor your emotions, Surround yourself with positive people

Spiritual Health:

Self-Reflection, Go out into nature, Self-cherish, Meditate, Sing, Dance, Play, Be inspired, Practice Yoga, Pray, Watch Sunsets, Volunteer, Foster self-forgiveness

Personal Health

Make peace with where you are, Learn who you are, Figure out what you want in life, Plan short and long term goals, Be mindful, Make a vision board, Foster friendships, Foster good relationships, Get out of debt, Just Relax, Write, Spent time with those you love, Learn a new skill, Prioritize self-care and fun

Professional Health

Be true to yourself, Take time for lunch, Set boundaries, Do not work overtime, Leave work at work, Do not work during your time off, Get support of colleagues, Take mental health days, Learn to say NO, Plan your next career move, Take a class, Take all of your sick and vacation days