Can you both move intuitively and crank out a badass workout?

So, you know how I said diet culture doesn’t get to claim veggies? Well diet culture also doesn’t get to claim cranking out a badass workout that makes you feel like you can kick some ass.

I personally love high intensity interval training on occasion because I like that feeling of doing hard exercises and building up that strength to continue to hike and beat up my fiancé when we wrestle (although he would say that he wins…but that is a lie).  However, when I talk about intuitive movement and then talk about sweaty exercise sessions that leave me exhausted, some followers get confused. Can we have both?

When it comes to moving intuitively, we want to consider why we are doing the types of exercise we are doing. All types of exercise fit into intuitive movement, even hard core, sweat sessions.  Nothing is wrong with any kind of exercise UNLESS it is coming from a place of self-hate rather than self-love. When exercise comes from a place of self-hate, it is an unhealthy form of exercise. When exercise comes from a place of self-hate, we need to evaluate why we are choosing that exercise and if it is truly healthy.

When we focus on FEELING good rather than trying to change our body, we can find out what your BODY and SOUL truly crave. The movement we crave changes! Remember that everyone moves in a different way and There is no one way to exercise. 

With all the instagram influencers out there promoting a certain way to move or doing it in a certain way, remember that you do not know the whole story behind the picture and you are not them and therefore your needs are different. When you see me doing some HIIT training, remember that this doesn’t mean you need to EVER do this type of training. Also, if I was to have the same relationship with movement as I did three years ago and you saw this, you would never know that behind the picture, I had an unhealthy relationship with that type of movement.

It feels best to move based on our individual wants and needs. That is joyful and healthy movement.

So, when you choose an exercise, here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to gain from this movement?
  • Will this movement make my body and mind feel good?
  • Am I tired because I need to give my body a rest or because I have been staying pretty still today and actually would benefit from more movement?
  • What are my intentions?
  • What do I truly want my relationship with exercise to feel like? 
  • Does the movement I choose lift me up or bring me down?

So go on cranking out the badass workouts. Just make sure you are evaluating why you choose those movements and if they are coming from a place of self-love. Because health should elevate your life, not take it away.