Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 5

Day 5- Take Care of the Caregiver

Taking care of the caregiver is an important daily practice. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we can not take care of others, it is harder to enjoy ourselves, we aren’t able to give the same enthusiasm to our passions and daily activities, we lose direction, and so much more. Give yourself permission to meet your own needs, recognizing that this will not only enhance your quality of life. 

Sometimes, this self-care is easier than others. However, by taking care of the caregiver every day, we are able to keep that battery charged and look to that caregiver when we need it most. If we let our self-care routine slip in times when we believe we don’t need it or in times when we feel we are to busy, we have no caregiver to return to and our battery is drained. When we have no caregiver, we tend to be harder on ourselves, have negative self-talk, and can be quickly bummed out. 

So today, I want you to think about your self-care routine and ask yourself some questions.

What is my current self-care routine and current self-care practices?

What happens when I forget to take care of myself? What are the effects?

What do I need to change in my self-care routine to better take care of myself?