Intuitive Eating Myth #7: Intuitive Eating Means Letting Yourself Go

To me, this is a sad one. I believe that it says a lot about our world and the pressures we put on ourselves- this need to control uncontrollable areas of life. This need for control is unhealthy and unnecessary. Intuitive eating doesn't mean that you are letting YOURSELF go, it is that you are just letting go of controlling and analyzing those things that are unnecessary and unhealthy to try and control. Intuitive eating allows you to let go of that tireless ritual of following a diet rule book and counting your calories. Giving up this control allows you to just be and to learn to trust your body. Giving up control as you become an intuitive eater does not mean that you just stop caring about nutrition and health! In fact, it is the opposite. Intuitive eating is caring for your WHOLE BODY health, the health of your mind, body, and soul. It is letting go of control that allow you to be able to start creating a healthier balance with all of these aspects of live that we  value. When you ditch the diet and learn to eat intuitively you become your own best nutritionist, gaining more time for more important things in life. We let go of one thing, to gain so many more. I truly believe that there is no greater way to lose control than to try to control everything. Letting go can be very scary and foreign, but letting go is what opens many doors that would have otherwise, been unable to open.