Self-Compassion Challenge-Day6

Day 6: Avoid Judgements and Assumptions

Making assumptions and judgements about ourselves is a very easy think to do. In so many situations, it is so easy to fail to simply observe and remain curious. It is so easy to connect the dots that aren't there or fill in the blanks with out interpretations. Think about it. How many times have you taken a situation and twisted it into your own interpretation,  meanwhile making assumptions and judgements?  

Recall a time in which this happened and remove the judgement or assumption. How do you think it would have played out differently?

Filling in the blacks with our interpretation is something that is powerful but can be harmful. When connected dots that aren't there we tend to make assumptions that aren't based on fact or we are drawing a conclusion without complete information. Then when emotions come into play, it gets pretty messy. Assumptions and judgments can be toxic when we have an unwillingness to own up and see that these assumptions and judgements are just that and are simply not the facts.

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Assumptions and judgements hurt our self-compassion in many ways. 

  • They are an easy out for self-growth.
  • They keep us stuck.
  • Instead of asking questions, we jump to conclusions.
  • They reinforce our innate thinking that may not be serving us.
  • It is toxic behavior.
  • They become bad habits.
  • And they are ALWAYS wrong.

So today, I want you to start to challenge these assumptions and judgements. Notice events, interactions, situations, etc. by simply observing and remaining curious. 

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