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Can’t accept your body? That’s okay. Start with Body Appreciation.

Going from body hate to body acceptance is tough.

It can seem near impossible.

So where do we start if these concepts feel so far out of reach and accepting our body feels so far away?

Start by practicing body gratitude.

When hope feels a bit lost, we can start by working toward body appreciation. And nope, this ain’t easy either. Gratitude is a skill and acquiring a new skill will feel foreign and uncomfortable in the beginning…however, a gratitude practice is a solid start that can trigger continued growth in the body acceptance arena. With practice, over time, the skill will become stronger and body gratitude won’t continue to be so tough and uncomfortable.

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6 Tips to Create a Better Fitting Room Experience

We can choose to show our bodies kindness one little step at a time. One of the ways in which we can treat our bodies with respect is by choosing clothes that fit comfortably… and learning to understand that we don’t need our bodies to fit the clothes, we need to find clothes that fit our bodies.

Now, with that being said, we know that this is much easier said than done. Getting in that fitting room can be very difficult for many of us…BUT it doesn't have to be. With practice, we can turn that fitting room experience into a more pleasant one, or at least a more neutral one. (baby steps)

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Your Happy Healthy "Ideal Beach Body"

Who wants an ideal beach body?! 

My guess is that probably everyone reading this answered "ME, ME!" 

Well, I am going to help you get that ideal beach body. However, we need to FIRST re-evaluate what your ideal beach body may be. You may be surprised that it may be different than what you think.

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