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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 5

Taking care of the caregiver is an important daily practice. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we can not take care of others, it is harder to enjoy ourselves, we aren’t able to give the same enthusiasm to our passions and daily activities, we lose direction, and so much more. Give yourself permission to meet your own needs, recognizing that this will not only enhance your quality of life. 

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Self-Compassion Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 is all about thinking about surrounding yourselves with that of which encourages and supports self-compassion. You know the saying you are who you hang around with? Well, this saying has a lot of truth. You are, in a sense, all of what you surround yourself with! Therefore, if we are working on creating more self-compassion for ourselves, we must consider what it is that we surround ourselves with that both bring us down and lift us up. What is it in your life that is fostering and encouraging self-compassion and what is it that is hurting your self-compassion?

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Self-Compassion Challenge: Day 1

Both what motivates us to be healthier and what makes up the foundation on which our health is built matters! True health can only be achieved with the right foundation, driven by the right motives. So, where should these motives come from? What should the foundation of health be built on? You guessed it....SELF-COMPASSION!

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