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6 Tips to Create a Better Fitting Room Experience

We can choose to show our bodies kindness one little step at a time. One of the ways in which we can treat our bodies with respect is by choosing clothes that fit comfortably… and learning to understand that we don’t need our bodies to fit the clothes, we need to find clothes that fit our bodies.

Now, with that being said, we know that this is much easier said than done. Getting in that fitting room can be very difficult for many of us…BUT it doesn't have to be. With practice, we can turn that fitting room experience into a more pleasant one, or at least a more neutral one. (baby steps)

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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 9

So this may seem like a strange challenge right off the bat. How do hobbies help us become more self-compassionate? Well, let's think about this for a minute. When do you feel really good being you? When do you feel really free and happy? When do you feel genuinely good about yourself? The answer is....when you are doing what you love!

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Self-Compassion Challenge- Day 7

When I think about how I was able to bring more self-compassion into my life, one thing really sticks out- how I treated others. Now, I have always been a compassionate person and loved very deeply. However, I am not taking about simply loving and feeling compassion. I am talking about living out that compassion with the hard things- practicing those hard things like letting go if someone hurts you, forgiving someone when you rather be stubborn, putting others first, etc. These are things that can be very difficult to do when it comes to loving someone else.

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Self-Compassion Challenge-Day6

Making assumptions and judgements about ourselves is a very easy think to do. In so many situations, it is so easy to fail to simply observe and remain curious. It is so easy to connect the dots that aren't there or fill in the blanks with out interpretations. Think about it. How many times have you taken a situation and twisted it into your own interpretation,  meanwhile making assumptions and judgements?  

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Self-Compassion Challenge Day 4

So, I am sure you have heard of a gratitude or appreciation journal, yeah? It is a journal in which you write about all of which you are grateful for! But have you heard of a self-appreciation journal? Today's challenge is to start (and continue) a self-appreciation journal of your own.

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Self-Compassion Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 is all about thinking about surrounding yourselves with that of which encourages and supports self-compassion. You know the saying you are who you hang around with? Well, this saying has a lot of truth. You are, in a sense, all of what you surround yourself with! Therefore, if we are working on creating more self-compassion for ourselves, we must consider what it is that we surround ourselves with that both bring us down and lift us up. What is it in your life that is fostering and encouraging self-compassion and what is it that is hurting your self-compassion?

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