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Weight Fluctuation and Why you Need to Stop Weighing Yourself- A Self-Experiment

"Wow, I lost two pounds this week!"

"Oh boy, I gained 7 pounds this week!"

Putting meaning and getting caught up in these numbers above IS A PROBLEM. Why? Because weight fluctuates regardless of whether you like it or not.

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Why Acceptance Needs to be the First, Middle, and Continuous Step in Your Recovery

We have all experienced and seen the powerful affects of change, whether it has been intentional or unintentional change. When it comes to pursuing better health, change can be a very good thing. Sometimes it can even be necessary.

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Self Awareness and Eating Disorder Recovery

As humans, we are imperfect and it is impossible for use to be satisfied with everything in our lives. We desire to learn, to change, to grow, and to improve in order to elevate our lives in different ways. We strive to adopt new practices that bring us joy and inspiration. Self-awareness can guide and assist us in this process. Self-awareness is the foundation of change.

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